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Above, Jose Mourinho of Portugal, former manager of Premier League soccer club Chelsea, says: "There is no pressure at the top. The pressure's being second or third". Below, sprinter Ato Boldon.

Above, recently retired soccer referee Pierluigi Collina of Italy says: "I believe in the traditional role of accepting decisions as part of the discipline of sportsmanship and fair play."

Above, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman says: "The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool." Below, Batman actor Christian Bale in a lightweight role in "The Machinist".

Above, British actor Ray Winstone, now taking Holywood by storm. Below, American socialist and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. Comaparing the U.S.A. and Scandinavia, he says: "You go to Scandinavia, and you will find that people have a much higher standard of living, in terms of education, health care and decent paying jobs."

Above, blues musician Keb Mo says: "With my songs I hope to create a sense of community." Below, musician Wycleaf Jean claims "Rap records don't make you feel good no more. Six months after release, it can't come back as a classic."

Above, guitarist and musicologist Ry Cooder, says he has money trouble: "I keep thinking, if you can break even, you're doing all right. But that takes some doing. It's easy to spend money in music, but hard to make it."


We present a readers' selection of the world's most attractive men in terms of looks, brains, and ability.

NEWS: Above, philosopher Theodor Adorno, wrote: "Happiness is obsolete: uneconomic". Below, soccer player Geoff "The Horse" Horsfield of West Bromwich Albion.

Above, fading Swedish soccer star Freddie Ljunberg, midfielder for Arsenal and underwear model for Calvin Klein. Below, record-breaking athlete Jesse Owens of the U.S.A.

Above, Henry Miller, author of the Tropic of Cancer. Below, Henrik Larsson formerly of Celtic and Barcelona.

Above, Ben Wallace of the Detroit Pistons. Below, actor, former boxer and comeback artist Mickey Rourke, who says: "I always knew I'd accomplish something very special - like robbing a bank perhaps."

Above, Tufts University philosopher Daniel Dennett and defender of science and Darwinism says: "Darwin's idea of natural selection makes people uncomfortable because it reverses the direction of tradition". Below, Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean, who says: "I don't hate Republicans as individuals. But I hate what the Republicans are doing to this country. I really do."

Above, architect I.M. Pei. Below, actor Jeff Bridges, star of "The Big Lebowski", says: "I've always tried to mix up my roles as much as I can."

Above, Independent film maker and writer John Sayles, who says: "I never thought
about being a writer as I grew up. A writer wasn't something I wanted to be." gallery editor Athina Simonidou

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